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    how do i go about finding investors for a web design company

    sahathom Wayfarer
      I just started my company last year, and now i am starting to get some recurring revenue. However, i have a few ideas of where i want to take my company and for that i am now looking into getting an investor so that i can take the marketing process etc to the next level. I want to believe that i have a unique idea and the company focus is to offer the design/development services at affordable rates that anyone can afford. Does anyone have any ideas in how i can go about trying to find an investor for my company?
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          phanio Pioneer
          Couple of things - your best bet is to start locally - there are networking events in your area. I would suggest you find them and attend them. Talk to everyone you can - you never know who you will run into - plus, if the people you talk with do not invest - they will know the people who will. Try to find CPAs, insurance agents, lawyers and other business owners - these are the people that are tied into your community. You can find a list of networking events at your local chamber of commerce.

          Second: You state, "I want to believe that i have ..." You have to believe - not want to believe. Have confidence in yourself and what you do. If you don't have confidence then the people you talk to or solicit for investment will not have the confidence and not invest.

          Also, there are other ways to get the capital you need - many ways that most business onwers are not familar with. Thus, if investors do not pan out - there are other ways.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            How do I go about finding investors??

            You start by going to Members page and sharing some info about you and your company.

            Then you need to develop a Business and Marketing Plan. It is one of the first items an investor will want to see.
            You can also contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and they can help you.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST