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    Selecting the Right Back Office Software

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Selecting the right back office software.

      Currently, one of our ongoing cleaning businesses is looking to expand operations,
      by acquiring an established businesses - related to our industry - as
      well as expanding our marketing/promotions capabilities and back office
      We are in the service business and need the ability to record
      clients, keep track of; sales appointments, maintain billing for; A/R,
      A/P for clients and vendors, manage and schedule staff and some other
      miscellaneous inventory.
      We are looking to acquire new business(es) as a
      value added piece for our already established business, the acquisitions we are
      looking at are laundromats and/or dry cleaners primarily but would also consider
      acquiring an established cleaning company.
      What software would you recommend for the above mentioned needs??

      Thanks LUCKIEST