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    Newly Updated Book on Workers Compensation Insurance

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      I've recently finished updating and expanding my earlier book on reducing the cost of Workers Compensation insurance. The earlier edition received very positive reviews from both professionals and business owners, but that book went out of print late last year. So I got the rights back, updated and expanded the content, and the new book, entitled Workers Compensation Insurance: A Field Guide for Employers & Others is now available. Well, the actual book version will be available shortly from Amazon, but the e-version is available now as a pdf. Those interested can find more information at

      This book covers a pretty wide wide territory in the field of Workers Compensation insurance, including proper classifications, experience modification factors, payroll audits, state by state information, NCCI rules, and more. Here's what some reviewers said about the earlier edition of the book:


      "... unlike
      any other workers' compensation is a must-have for those who
      manage workers' compensation insurance...Priz does an excellent job of
      exploring the ins and outs of a workers compensation policy, especially
      all the intricacies of premium calculations and common mistakes in areas
      such as classifications and experience modification factors."


      --Professional Safety magazine, review by Dr. Laura Rhodes of Indiana University of Pennsylvania




      and some readers posted these reviews on Amazon:


      book describes in detail information I have never gotten
      from my insurance agent. It gives you a detailed insight
      into the world of workers' compensation and has been very
      useful in helping me to make sure that what we do as a
      company is under the right classification. It would have
      been difficult to argue our case without the knowledge I
      obtained from this book. Worth every penny!*

      "This book is an excellent review of the
      current system of workers compensation coverages. It is dead-on
      accurate in its description of the potholes one can encounter - NCCI
      ratings, premium audits and others. I thought Mr. Priz was generous
      in his kindness to auditors and underwriters, who are the source of
      most of the problems and also the solution to most of the problems.
      I am going to buy several copies for my clients."

      --Michael Greenleaf, from Scott Depot, WV, reviewing


      So for those who would like to increase their understanding of Workers Compensation insurance cost and coverage, I might humbly suggest they consider getting a copy of Workers Compensation Insurance: A Field Guide for Employers & Others, now available at
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          Just a note to those who might want to check out the information about *Workers Compensation Insurance: A Field Guide for Employers & Others*-- I had posted the url of
          but the earlier posting had a period at the end of that url. If one copies and pastes that url into their browser and includes the period at the end, the period confuses things and you get an error message. To get to the page that actually has information about the book, one has to enter
          without a period at the end. I hope that clarifies things for anyone trying to take a look at this. Sorry that I can't put in an active link direct to this page, but this forum format doesn't seem to allow one to insert an active link, so one will have to copy and past the address into their browser toolbar.