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    Dentist / doc as angel investor for bio-informatics startup

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      Good morning:

      My company is a 02-year old bio-informatics company in Miami, FL with a saleable service:

      This is a semantic search engine for health data. We're licensing this to health libraries, EMR vendors, and healthcare providers. (See for details)

      This is a consumer-facing portal that leverages our health data search engine technology. We will soon have close to 20 Million unique pages (URLs), with lots of advertising opportunities.


      Yesterday I met with my (BoA) banker and I casually asked him if doctors locally still have a good cash flow. He said they do, and he mentioned that dentists have a better cash flow than docs do.

      That got me thinking that healthcare providers (i.e. doctors and dentists) are ideal "angel investors" to consider investing in the company at this stage. Specially those providers that live in my immediate geographical area.


      My system has a list of 02.8 Million providers that deal with CMS (Medicare). This database is sorted by specialty and by geographical area. (This is also know as the "NPI" - National Provider Identifier database). I can easily compile a (phone and mail) list of all "plastic surgeons / oncologists / radiologists / etc." who deal with Medicare in every county around my house.

      My questions to the forums are:

      a.) Will I run into problems with the SEC if I mass mail a leter to 200 / 300 providers in my area looking for angel investors?

      b.) How else could I elicit the interest of healthcare providers with cash to consider investing in my company?


      Why would a dentist / doc invest in a startup?

      Given their training, these individuals can fully appreciate the value of what my system can do.

      And I think that the Madoff situation is a perfect reason for investing in local high-tech companies like mine. The investor will:
      • meet the local entrepreneur
      • have an opportunity to directly contribute to the growth of the company
      • have a lower risk than investing in the stock market; bank stocks (Wachovia anyone?); or General Motors


      Thank you for reading. Regards.