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    What We Can Learn From The Network Marketing Industry - Part

    iyazam Adventurer

      There is a lot we all can learn from the network marketing industry.
      In fact I strongly believe that any entrepreneur that is looking to get
      started should first join a networking marketing company for the
      powerful education and to simply test the waters. (like I did a few
      years back).


      So what can we learn?


      been around in the business world for a few years now and meeting with
      other small business owners every so often I will throw out the
      question: "How do you get your customers?" In most cases people will
      tell me: "Well I call around, I post ads etc..." But I never usually
      get a clear answer.


      Pipeline: In the
      network marketing industry you are taught basic concepts of things like
      creating a "pipeline" and how many people can you get into that
      pipeline and how many of them can you convert into a customer. Talk to
      10 get 1...there is a constant focus on how can you improve this a month from now could you talk to 10 and get 2? What
      needs fixing up in your approach?


      The 'Third Party' concept:
      In the network marketing industry you are taught that one of the best
      ways to convert a prospect to a customer is by you stepping out of the
      way and directing your prospect to a third party. The third party can
      be a blog, brochure, video, another person, etc.. who ever it may be.
      Take yourself out of the process and let the third party do all the
      talking. The reason for this is because many times the prospect needs
      to hear or see it from someone else. "The best way to look at the sun
      is with sun glasses".


      Conducting a meeting:
      In business we all know that 80% of the meetings we go to end up no
      where and the real business is in the 20%. But the real question is:
      how are you conducting your meetings? Do your meetings follow a
      specific pattern? In the network marketing industry you are taught how
      to conduct a meeting and how to create a certain pattern to follow in
      that meeting. When you are presenting to a client - how do you present?


      Believe it or now - but this tip has actually helped me
      close more business! How? because when I go to a meeting I am not
      stumbling on my words. "I know my lines by heart."


      Follow Up:
      My friends this is where the money is! This is probably the concept is
      the most mentioned in the network marketing industry. Do you follow up
      with customers? Are you following up by phone?


      "Work harder on yourself - then you do on your job" - Jim Rohn:
      How much time a day are you dedicating for personal development? In the
      network marketing industry you are taught to set aside time every day
      for personal development. Your business will grow when you start to
      grow, when you begin to break the mental barriers that are stopping you
      • you will learn how to really and effectively build a business.


      What I have learned a few years back I have applied into my own business. Truly powerful concepts!


      To be continued...




      Hillel Porath