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    Employee Gas Reimbursements

    stepmcm Newbie
      I supply all employees with a company vehicle. How do I confirm that all gas receipts are valid? One long time employee's gas receipts are substantially and consistently higher than the rest of the staff. With the new vehicles I purchased, his gas expenditures should have decreased.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Stepmom, If you buy me a new vehicle and pay for my gas, can I come work for you?? Thanks but only kidding.
          It sounds like you know there is a problem. By supplying employees with vehicles it shows that you are
          trusting them. Most employees are honest. Some will be creative and try to fudge a little (maybe).
          If this employee gas receipts are consistently higher, how else can this person beat the system??
          We do not know what business you are in, but is there inventory??
          This is a long time employee and the employee has figured a way to beat the system.
          We gave our employees a gas credit card and then I noticed cigarette sales on one credit card. He paid us back.
          First suggestion, Talk to the person or have a third party talk to the person.
          Why have you let this problem continue over time??
          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Check the mileage on the vehicle. If it is disproportional to the gas receipts then there may be a seocnd vehicle that person is filling up as well.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Simply tell the person what you've observed -- that his receipts are substantially higher than anyone else's. Then wait for an explanation. If you don't get one that's satisfactory, check the next receipt. It may be right in line (since he'll know you're paying attention). If it isn't, then whatever you do next to investigate should come as no surprise to him. Check mileage, require more documentation, or whatever from this employee so you can determine the reason for the anomaly. Good luck.


              P.S. Many managers choose to try to deal with these kinds of problems indirectly by implementing new policies that afffect and punish everyone. Don't do that -- confront the one offender directly.
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                BDS INC Adventurer
                Have you thought about putting a mileage cap on all your employees? The mileage cap will allow you to set a gas cap. For instance if you have a sales rep whose territory covers 50 miles you might set his or her mileage cap at 250 miles per week. Taking the average gas mileage of the vehicle will give you a good idea of how much gas that rep should burn per week. Anything consistently above and beyond that and you know there is a real issue.