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    I need to drive more traffic to my web site.

    koozietime Newbie
      It seems I'm only hitting a small area of business, most of my business comes from Texas, N.C.,Tennessee, and S.C.
      Need to reach further and also closer to my area.
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          eZeeTax Wayfarer
          • Buy links on websites that might be visited by your customers
          • Google AdWords to target more geographic locations
          • Facebook Pages
          • Twitter
          • Start a blog and share your expertise

          To name a few....
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            Analysight Newbie

            The first thing to do would be to employ a multichannel marketing strategy. Even though your business is online, you may need to resort to offline approaches to driving online sales of your koozies. Look for opportunities to obtain e-mail addresses for customers and prospects.

            For instance, you might present your koozies at fairs, trade shows, and other exhibition opportunities. In exchange for either a free koozie or some special information, you ask visitors to your booth to provide their e-mail addresses. You can then target them with e-newsletters about koozies and special offers. You might also try placing coupons in a direct-mail source like ValPak offering discounts for online ordering. If you do coupons, however, code your offers by area, so that when a coupon code is entered, you know the regions where redemption is highest.

            Also be sure you monitor traffic on your web site. Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that can tell you useful information about how many people are visiting your site, how long they stay, what pages they view, and lots of other useful information. Be sure you examine your web traffic after each offline and online promotion you do. That will provide clues into what offers and promotional methods are working and not working.
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              ajp76054 Newbie
              Well I dont like to use adwords however some people say it works well. Now you want to develope a strong SEO plan to reach out furthur. Take a look at were you stand on google if you are there at all. Then you want to make sure you have strong content and keywords that people would use to search for your products and or services by. Then you also want to be back linking with other sites now no matter what anyone tells you make sure the site has something relative to yours or it is not as effective.

              Here is a great site that you can start at for back linking and also if you have an ads for your business including video ads you can post them there for FREE.

              Then make post on forums or chat room boards talking about your site. There are many sites out there that will allow you to post info on your company there for free also make sure you search in the forums for people looking for your products and services.

              Socical bookmarking use places like myspace and facebook to get your site known they are free use them.

              Best of luck to you.
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                salmarketing Newbie

                Consider using Youtube to promote your site.

                Here are some other options...



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                  ChrisKinetic Newbie


                  In an environment where our future customers leverage random resources online to research & discover their future providers, it's your relevant & timely content activity that will:

                  1. generate more qualified search discovery;
                  2. generate more voluntary RSS subscription;
                  3. generate more links, bookmarks, forwards, recommendations;
                  4. differentiate as dedicated, knowledgeable, trustworthy;
                  5. establish unique target marketplace brand and
                  6. generate lead opportunities and new sales!

                  Good active targeted blogs make search great results possible; they achieve them sustainably and they make top organic search results cost-effective!

                  Going further, Internet optimization should be the ultimate goal! Simple examples of how blogging/ content can serve you beyond 'search results discovery' include content that moves direct to subscribers, content that moves directly onto other sites and/ or content that moves directly into various social networks.

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                    gaz199 Newbie
                    You need to give people an incentive to come to your website, if you do not do this then why would they bother coming?
                    I have found a new way to promote your website at the same time as giving people this incentive to enter your site.
                    Basiclly all it is, is a small peace of software that people will be able to download from your website for free.
                    The software is called Convert 123, it is a conversions calculator from PipeFlow Software. They give it away on their
                    website for free to promote it and bring in more traffic.
                    Download it here free and have a look
                    This is their own version of the software. if you were to buy the package then it would not be advertising
                    it would be advertising your website instead.

                    Being able to bring people to your web site by offering them something for free is a much more reliable way of getting web site visitors than simply 'begging' people to look at your site. It also helps to build communication and trust between you and the people you give the software too. People always reciprocate and giving them something for free without any catch can provide an amazing amount of goodwill, which is often returned to you at a later date.
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                      toplayer Newbie
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                        strategery238 Newbie
                        for a local business, you're probably better served using "offline" marketing tactics. meet potential customers and partners in real life!