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    Corrected 1099

    LUCKIEST Guide
      *I received a corrected 1099-DIV after the April 15, 2009 filing
      deadline in which I filled my return. Do you know whether I must file an amended return and the associated time
      frame. Does an enforceable penalty exist for a company who provides
      tax documents after the deadline.*

      Thanks, LUCKIEST
        • Re: Corrected 1099
          dublincpa Scout
          My recommendations - Amend if its more than a few dollars in tax. Attach a copy of the corrected document to the amendment. You will likely only have interest to pay. If they do penalize, call and then send a letter with a copy of the notice and another copy of the Corrected 1099.

          If it's small, you might wait to be billed in 6-18 months once the IRS goes through its matching process and pay from the notice.

          Dont forget to amend the state. They will be about 6-12 months behind the Feds.