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    Petty Legal Questions

    brooksyerpus Newbie
      I'm not sure whether to post this here, or in Legal and Insurance... so I'll post in both =-P.

      I'm about to launch my online business, but I'm not entirely sure if I
      need to register my business name, get a tax ID, or get a business

      I know most eBay sellers don't do any of the three.

      What's making this a hard decision to make is the fact that I'm
      starting really small, but plan to expand pretty rapidly over the next
      2 years. At first, my sales will definitely be falling underneath the
      scope, if you know what I mean. In other words, I expect to sell about
      as much as an eBay hobbyist for my first month or two. Can I wait for a
      month or two before going about the system by the book, without facing
      any kind of penalty? Will it effect my ability to write off start up
      costs in the future?

      The second part which makes this an odd problem is I'm not selling
      through eBay, but rather an embedded shopping cart. All information
      I've found regarding SMALL businesses selling products online has been
      specific related to eBay, so I'm not sure if it also applies selling
      elsewhere on the web. I don't see why I would make any difference?

      Anyways, if you have any questions let me know :-)