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    Looking for Clients Worldwide-Global Interactive Solutions

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      Hi all,

      Global Interactive Solutions, Inc. is a consulting, management and designing team. We create compelling graphics, web development, IT support and
      programming solutions that deliver the customer satisfaction. Whatever options you are interested in, we offer a FREE, non-obligation
      consultation to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

      We're committed to service, collaboration, and communication throughout each step of the development and deliver the project on time, on specs and on budget. Global Interactive Solutions, Inc. is happy to help you run your business smarter.

      Work / Accomplishment


      o Project Management - Develop and executed the implementation of different web projects, ECommerce and graphic designing services
      o Business Planning - Developed a business plan for social networking and commercial website
      o Outsourcing - Maximized pool of talents during project implementation
      o Marketing - Developed Marketing Plans and Event Mechanics

      Integration and Development

      o Planning and Development with Web Projects here and abroad
      o Mobile Integration - WAP, SMS and Mobile Scripting
      o Static / Dynamic Website Development
      o Content Management System
      o Social, Professional and Business Networking Web Development
      o Graphic Designing and Lay outing
      o Desktop Applications
      o Accounting and Inventory Systems
      o Search Engine Optimization
      o Email HTML

      o Software Development - Email Extraction Software
      o E-Commerce Development - With clients from abroad

      Technical Expertise

      o PHP
      o Visual Basic 6.0
      o C/C++
      o Java
      o MySQL
      o MS SQL
      o MS Access
      o Postgre SL
      o OracleDB
      o Dreamweaver
      o JCreator
      o JavaScript
      o AJAX
      o Adobe Photoshop
      o .Net
      o CSS/XML/HTML
      o SQL 2000
      o ASP
      o ASP.Net
      o Visual Studio .Net
      o J2EE
      o Joomla Templates
      o Action scripting
      o SQLlite
      o Dreamweaver
      o MSAccess
      o Macromedia Flash
      o SWiSHmax
      o Search Engine Optimization
      o PC and Network Troubleshooting
      o Data & Call Center Setup
      o IT Assessment + Security
      o System Integration

      Why Outsource?

      - Reduce Annual Operational Cost for Small, Medium and Large Businesses (SMLBs)
      - Improve time-to-market onshore and reduce time to resolves issues
      - Give the client the potential to improve top line sales
      - Outsource Business Process for Efficiency and Productivity
      - Allow management to focus on its core business or competency
      - Avail of the diverse talent of a pool of professionals at a reasonable cost
      - Minimize the problems and cost of turnover and training of personnel
      - Keep pace with the fast-changing technology and its best practices and techniques
      - Improve process initiatives onshore
      - Helps client improve time to market
      - Provide low cost implementations
      - Highest English literacy in Asia

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