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    Need opinions from Graphic Designers

    SherryLeigh Wayfarer
      I've been in the design industry for 13 years and I've been searching for a really great magazine for designers, to no avail. I've found a couple that are Ok but they are so packed full of advertisements, the content seems to be just filler. The articles seem to lack focus and real detail. I can't find anything that really teaches me anything.

      I've been in the magazine business for quite a few years and I am considering starting a digital magazine for designers. My goal is to pack each issue full of rich, useful content (tips, tricks, new technology, sound business advice, how-to guides ... etc) and have NO ADS!

      Anyone that knows the magazine business knows, advertising is where the money is, so I will have to charge a premium fee for distribution. But, I think there are many designers out there willing to pay a fee for great content, no ads and an opportunity to showcase their work.

      To keep the subscription cost low (and save a few trees), I'm planning to offer a bi-monthly digital distribution model (delivered to an e-mail address) and two annual competitions for designers to showcase their work (with no registration or entrance fees), with a brief newsletter in between.

      I have already secured a national distribution agreement for a print version, if I decide to go that route in the future.

      My questions:
      1.) Is this something the design community is interested in?
      2.) How many designers out there are passionate about design, but have a hard time figuring out the business behind the art?
      3.) Since there are no ads and design competition admittance is offered to all subscribers at no additional charge, how much are designers willing to pay?

      Your input will help determine if this is a viable option for our community. I would appreciate any insight and comments.

      Thank you so much for your time and opionions.
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          Iwrite Pioneer

          What design magazines are you talking about lacking information?

          I am a mere copywriter but I subscribe to some design magazines (because there are no copywriting magazines) along with many of the designers and art directors I work with, and we love them. I think by only talking to designers you are limiting your readership - what about writers and art directors and illustrators? We tend to buy the same magazines.

          This is my short list:
          Communication Arts
          One (The One Show magazine)

          Here are my answer your questions:
          1.) Yes, I would be interested.
          2.) Most creatives are passionate or we would be doing something else - we aren't interested in reading a whole magazine about the business of design. A couple of articles would be great but we are really interested in becoming better at our craft.
          3.) You have to prove that you have the content before I pay a premium price. I pay the costs for the magazines I get because they are the gold standard. Unknown magazines have to show me something.

          Hope this helps.
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            phanio Pioneer
            Great advice from Iwrite - I would suggest you pick up the phone and call people in the design industry - kind of an informal fessibility study. If they are your target market - go to them to see what they want and how much they will pay.

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