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    Business Plan Writers

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      Need contacts for Business Plan writers.
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          Are you looking to write a business plan or help other write business plans? If the former - try searching for free sample business plans - there are many out there and you can use them as templates. Or, contact your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) their services are free and they can help you write the plan as well as do the research needed to complete all the sections.

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            Feel free to check out my profile, here on the Bank of America Small Business Online Community (SBOC). In the profile is a link to my website (at my site is a lot of info on business plans and my services for entrepreneurs and business owners). Also, I have a number of posts regarding business plans here in the SBOC forums.

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                What Luckiest said is true.

                SCORE and the SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) are great resources for entrepreneurs who want to start a business and for small business owners of established businesses that need counseling. They can give you guidance on how to write a business plan, review your plan once you've written it and give you feedback and guidance, but one important thing to understand is that they will not write your business plan for you. That being said they can be a great help to entrepreneurs/business owners in writing their own business plan.


                Here's just a few Q&A's that you will see on many SCORE chapter websites about how they can help you with your business plan:


                Q: Will SCORE help me write and complete my business plan?


                A: We will take you through the steps outlining the procedures to prepare the plan. However, it is important that you put your own thoughts in detail on paper of how you plan to structure and operate your business. This will help you walk through your thoughts and ideas about your business. When you have completed your draft, we can then go over it with you to "fine tune" it if it is necessary. For additional help, attend a SCORE workshop about writing a Business Plan



                Question: Where Can I Find Help in Developing My Business Plan?


                Answer: SCORE/SBDC can also provide individualized counseling. In these counseling sessions, we will help you decide what to put in your business plan. Once you have started your business, we can help you improve and expand your business plan.



                Question: I have heard that I must have a business plan to borrow money from the bank. Can SCORE help me to write such a plan or recommend someone to prepare it for me?


                Answer: SCORE can provide you with a business plan format and will critique the plan if you wish, but will not recommend anyone else to write it for you.



                Q. Who can write my business plan?


                A. The SBDC strongly advises prospective and existing business owners to prepare their own business plans. Neither the SBDC nor SCORE will write a client's business plan. However, either will provide feedback on a completed business plan before it is presented to a lender.

                I agree with SCORE/SBDC that it is best if the entrepreneur/business owner write their own business plan or at least get it through a rough draft. There is a lot that they will learn in the process. And if they do need to have someone help them write or finish it, the work they have done should go a long way towards lowering the cost to have someone help finish and polish their business plan to make it presentation ready to a bank or investor prospects.

                So a very good starting point is to visit your local SCORE or SBDC office, take the free seminar/courses that they have available (as Luckiest mentions). And begin to do some front-end work to develop your business plan.


                Dennis Lowery


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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Business Plan Writers

                *Eugenia, Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE.*<br /<br />SCORE has a Virtual Learning Center with a FREE Course on how to Develope a Bus Plan
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                  We provide professional business plan writing services. We can custom-write your business plan for you exactly based on your requirements. We will conduct all market research required for the plan. For contact information, please visit our website:

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                    I have a free page on my site that gives all the essential elements that you need for a business plan - especially if you are seeking funds from outside sources. Here is a link to the page:




                    With each section, I give information as to what to consider when drafting each section. You can do a search on the web as well for business plan outlines. Not all have the exact same layout, but the essential points are the same.


                    The size and detail of your plan will vary based upon the following key criteria:


                    • The complexity of your business idea


                    • The amount of start-up funds that you require


                    • The source of the start-up funds


                    • The extent of the damages that you will incur if your business fails


                    Some businesses can get off the ground with an outline and a SWOT analysis while others require a full fledge plan as detailed on my Planning page. I, too, can help you write a business plan or review it after you have completed it. However, I recommend whatever path that you choose that you stay heavily involved in the writing of your plan, It is during this phase that you will challenge and mature your idea and desire to bring your business to life. If you hand off this key process to someone else to solely do for you, you will miss out on the opportunity of experiencing some of the challenges prior to opening your business and the thought process that results from those challenges.


                    After you review, please let me know if you have any questions.


                    All the Best,


                    Doug Dolan


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                      Here are some guidelines on writing a good business plan along with a template you can use:

                      Good luck with your business.