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    Keys to reaching people under 25 online

    tao7676 Newbie
      We hear alot about the under 30 world on line. So many of our sites are built by 40 year olds for 40 year olds
      What do you think are important features to any community or site that wants to engage the under 30 crowd all the way to 15 year olds.
      We are trying to enage a younder audience to be interested in nature and conserving wildlife
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          You may want to start a FaceBook or MySpace page. You also may want to contact the owners of
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            FashionGal Wayfarer
            Has your company conducted a focus group of your target age/demographic group? Alternatively, you can take a look at the existing websites that target the younger demographic successfully. Or you can casually observe anyone you know in that age group (e.g. niece or nephew, etc.) and maybe sit with them for a few hours as they surf or interact on their favorite websites. Maybe you can see common themes emerge.
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              Techie Wayfarer

              Following DomainDiva's lead on advice - - how about having nature videos on YouTube?
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                LUCKIEST Guide

                The world is undergoing the largest wave
                of urban growth in its history. The 3 billion
                population of towns and cities in 2005 will
                increase by 1.8 billion by 2030.


                Most urban growth comes from natural
                increase (more births than deaths). The urban
                poor have higher fertility rates than other
                urbanites: women have less education and
                less autonomy; they know little about sexual
                and reproductive health services, and have
                little access to them.


                Young people under 25 already make up
                half the urban population and young people
                from poor families will be a big part of the
                urban wave. The future of cities depends on what cities do now to help them, in particular
                to exercise their rights to education, health,
                employment, and civic participation.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  Cell phone advertising, perhaps? Industry studies report that four out of five users say they don't want to receive unsolicited text ads to their cell phone, but that two out of three high school and college-aged kids actually LIKE receiving text ads if they are either an opt-in deal (they choose what kinds of things they receive ads and info for) or if they are event/location-driven (i.e., a text message concerning an activity of interest is sent only to cell customers in the vicinity of the activity at the time). It's another way to create a virtual community, and young cell phone users apparently choose to opt-in a LOT. It might be cost-prohibitive for small businesses as a pure advertising tool, but it could be an effective way to promote a "cause" such as wildlife conservation because other sponsors might help pay. Just a thought . . .