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    Free 30 Day Advertisement

    Blabber Wayfarer gets the word out about your special offer,Discounts & Freebies. If you are looking for an affordable way to advertise, may help. For just $19.95 a month or 199.50 for the year, It is a great deal. The following is what you will receive:

      1. Your own advertisement which you create.
      2. User name and Pass to update your ad as often as you would like.
      3. The ability to create your own coupon with issue limits, and you set expiration.
      4. you get listed on the home page for at least one week.
      5. Map feature lets customers find you.

      Customers come to our page for the over 325 free no gimmick resource & Freebie Links, and to find local businesses with Discounts, Special offers and freebies.


      Thank you,

      Ronald Ducharme
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          ajp76054 Newbie
          Yeah here is another site you can do 90% of the same exact thing however its free and you can upload all the content you want. yeah FREE not $20 a month.

          However the coupon thing that is a good tool if your site uses things like that.
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              Blabber Wayfarer

              The site you refer to is not as easy to use. In the business communtiy we all Know that some of these free sites you get what you pay for. I have used craigslist for example which is a fine site but you get a lot of responses from people you do not need to get a response from. is just a option and we are new. Thank you for mentioning the coupon tool which is a great way to attract customers and track them. Blabber has a lot of free resource links over 300 no gimmicks. This will and has brought customers back. Appreciate the heads up on the other site. Try not to take away from another site offer it in addition to.

              Thank you