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    New startup needs a Buinsess Line of Credit of 50-75K



      I am looking for an unsecured business line of credit of about 50-75k for my startup. My personal credit score is somewhere between fair and good depending on which agency you poll... I checked all three and got three different numbers ranging from 650-760 and I am in the process of clearing off at least one item that does not belong to me however my problem is that my debt to credit ratio is too high due to my recent personal home mortgage and they are stating that there has been too many recent inquiries in a recent denial I've gotten which I'm not entirely sure off since I hadn't had any new credit issued since I bought my home back in October.


      My business has only been in operation for about a month, in that time I have filed for corporation status received my EIN and setup my business checking/saving account however funds are needed for a several other items including inventory, office supplies and outsourcing fees. Is there any way to receive a line of credit/loan without me having to use my personal credit/assets?