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    Where we can advertise or how?

    cindyhoangtho Newbie
      Hi everyone we have a smal company licenced, we have a lot of years' experience in order management and quality inspection for outdoor furniture at manufacturers in Vietnam. we are trying to get commercial account or co-operate with someone need to buy outdoor furniture in Vietnam. where we can advertise or how?


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          diversetax Wayfarer

          In which state are your located? I have a company that I could reccommend that is located in GA. Also, try to get into your local business associations and chamber networking events...
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            ajp76054 Newbie
            Here is a free place to place ads on if you have any for your products or just your business in general.
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              snipperred Scout
              Hi there.

              Based on the information you provided, I think advertising may not be the appropriate medium for you to get the result you seek.

              You are going to want to speak with accounts directly if possible. However, you might also research trade brokers in the international furniture industry. These can all be found with some online research. Then, it is up to you to show them the potential mutual value in working with you, your products, and services.

              It is a good idea to network with your industry on an organizational level. Large ongoing accounts can sustain a business. You may also consider the use of a consultant and online services to help you get your business and deliverables online.

              I am working on an online environment where you can connect direct to market simply by being yourself, applying your skills and effort for the benefit of others, and even organizing your own network. Everything you need to present or link out your business is built in. Plus, I have a service methodology I am developing to serve members. You might find me commenting on the emerging dynamics of modern business and perhaps incorporate some of my ideas into your own work

              So the opportunity you might miss out on if you employ a contemporary advertising strategy is doing much better for free. You should be focussing on your business plan and presentation. You can use those as you partner with accounts. You should also consider researching and involving yourself in industry associations. If you can't find one relevant to trade of internationally produced furinture, then you may have one set up for you.

              Price is also a consideration. The cost savings you get in more direct marketing can make the business more profitable and products less expensive. If you connect with your market online, then everyone benefits. If you open yourself up to smaller accounts and customized production, then you could really expand rapidly.

              Finally, it depends on you and what you do. If the furniture looks terrible or falls apart quickly, then you are probably not going to want to present it to high end clients. Personal clients are not going to want it either. Do you have a website with images of this furniture? If not, then you are welcome to set up a gallery on my social network . If the furniture is fashioned with regional influences, then you may look into social networking communities that cater to Vietnamese or Vietnamese/ American for instance. My network supports networking by geographic location. It would be my pleasure to talk business with you.


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