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    The importance of Business Credit in this economic climate

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      Hello all,

      First, I would like to thank everyone for reading this post. In today's economic climate, many employer's are laying off people left and right. Instead of looking for another job, many people find the interest of using the skills obtained from that job to start their own business. Now when it comes time to fund the business, this is where the trouble starts. 95% of all new business owners use their own personal credit, such as credit cards, home equity lines of credit (if they can get one) and various other methods of personal financing for their business including borrowing money from friends and family. We all know most businesses fail within the first five years in which most of the time their personal credit has now received a negative impact, and if you borrowed the money and can't pay it back your family has now lost trust in you. I have one simple solution for everyone: Think outside the box! In my honest opinion, people need to educate themselves when it comes to business. Like I tell some of my clients, anyone can start a business but only a few become entrepreneurs. Entreprenuers are not just in the business to make a buck, it becomes a way of life for them. They are professional, courteous, and above all humble. And even when they are trying to make a buck they know how to use the power of a little thing called leverage. Leverage that is not tied to them personally is called business credit. A true entrepreneur knows that by using business credit instead of personal credit that the assets of each are not tied together. My company CorporateCommercialServices specializes in helping start-ups as well as existing companies realize the importance of such. If anyone who has read this post is interested in receiving information on how busines credit an help your company please email me at My consultations are free and there is no upfront cost for our services. Thanks!