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    I need 10,000 to help me start my business

    go_solar Newbie


      I am going to make solar panels and make them as affordable to the "Average Joe" as possible. But first, I have to be UL listed and certified. That is expensive! The two codes that I have to purchase in order to know what their standards are will run me 2 thousand alone. Then I have to make my product according to what they say. THEN I have to mail my product and all the accessories to them for testing, which could run anywhere between 5-8 thousand. I am already getting 2400.00 from a loan officer that my husband and I currently are using but, I need more and he can't help us further. The money I will get from him will go towards parts for my product and cutting down an oak tree that provides shade to the area of my roof that the solar panels need to be. I have a business plan in my head but not on paper. The name of my company will be "Average Joe's Solar Panels". My desire is to create an alternate source of energy to help with the crisis we are in. To offer my customers some relief from the high prices of electricity and also enable them to take advantage of the tax rebate for suiting up their home with solar power and lightening the load of fossil fuel consumption. My customer's savings will enable them to pay for their system in 2-4 years vs. 8-15 of the conventional solar system companies. I am closely and intimately connected to the Lord and to my conscience and want to make my solar panels the right way, per their specifications. I don't want to create a product that will fall apart or cause a hazardous situation for anyone. I want to be on the up and up.

      I am currently a stay at home mom and plan to stay that way. I will make the panels here and as business picks up, I will move my business to a warehouse and my daughter will oversee the production. I want to open another "Average Joe's" in the Tampa/Land O Lakes area of Florida and have my brother-in-law run it. Even slashing the cost of my panels will STILL create a very nice income and I believe in this economy with people wanting to cut their monthly expenses and participate in "going green", I think this is one of the best markets to get into now. I can't see it failing. I need someone to give me a boost and money is what I don't have right now. My husband's job would pay back the loan, even if I fell flat on my face. If there is someone who could help me, I'd sure appreciate it. Both mine and my husband's credit scores are in the upper 600's, last I checked! :-)