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    Looking for an INVESTOR for Start-up Real Estate Investment

    mstephan09 Wayfarer

      We are looking for an investor for a start-up real estate investment firm:

      Everyone knows the troubles of the housing market, everyone sees the doom and gloom on the TV everyday, and why most people see the negative in this market, this is where money is made! We are looking for an investor to invest in real estate all accross the country and get in while prices are at all time lows! In places like CA and AZ prices are at the lowest point in years and now is the perfect time to invest in these properties if you have the money. We are looking for someone who is looking for a solid return with in the next couple of years and who is looking to be part of a group to make housing affordable to everyone! Along with purchasing current properties, we are looking to build GREEN homes to meet the needs of today's buyer. People today are all about saving our environment and we are looking to build homes that do that! Homes that cost less to buy, less to own, and create less of a footprint on the environment. The idea for these homes aren't new, however we feel there is a huge opportunity to create "green" communites all over the country! We are looking for someone looking for a challenge, someone who is looking to help build a company from the gound up, and someone who has the vision to build a national corporation! If you would like to get more information please let me know! Thank you for taking the time to read this post!