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    What is the Formula for Success ?

    CCIGroup Newbie

      I always wonder about the Formula for Success? You read all the stats and probablities for all small businesses, and I wonder? Why few make it and others don't?
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          NatOnline Tracker
          The formula is simple to me:

          Get the right services or the right products people are looking for at the right time, with a lot of work and some luck :-)
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Never give up. I have been clinging to that for 7 years. I spent the first five years with my application being laughed at. Seriously.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Great question. Are you in business NOW or going into business soon?? Tell us more.
              A great Formula for Success is to visit SCORE at a SCORE office or on line.
              Working with SCORE can really improve your success ratio.
              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                DafnaR Newbie
                The formula for success :
                To get the right people and the right strateic partners to work for you.
                Not to spoiled to work hard and to be determined to success.
                To keep yourself motivated ( read some good succes stories every day ...)
                Good luck
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  It's a complex formula, but one factor in it has to be having a goal or vision -- beginning with an end in mind.

                  I can take off on vacation with no plan whatsoever -- just see what happens. In a business venture, however, I want to know where I'm going before I start the trip. It doesn't mean I won't take some detours, or even change the ultimate destination before I arrive -- but if my initial investments and work efforts are going to pay off, I have to focus them on a specific outcome.

                  I think most entrepreneurs are very passionate people, but that passion can lead some to rush into business before they know where "there" is. They end up working very hard at certain things that they wouldn't have needed to do at all, and many run out of money simply because their route to success was "all over the map."
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                      NatOnline Tracker

                      My parents bought the biography of Mr Walt disney when I was a kid in France, and this is a great example of motivation.

                      When Mr Walt disney decided to create "Snow white and the seven dwarfs" in 1937, he invested $1,5 million, taking all the risks, investing all the money he had, and most of the family money to make his dream reality.

                      Like DomainDiva said, when you beleive in your project, have a good feeling about it, passion, you would be succesfull one day, never give up.

                      70% of the e-commerce are closing their doors after the first year, only a few will be succesfull after 3 years because of motivation, luck and work.
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                      Mozart Wayfarer

                      It's simple - - doing what you love.
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                        doc1400 Newbie
                        As a process improvement consultant I simply must weigh in on this question:

                        First we must define or frame the question "Success in What Endeavor".
                        I can envision the timeless cartoon about the man finishing his climb to the top of a tall
                        mountain and breathlessly addressing a very old man sitting cross-legged on a rock
                        asking: "Master, what is the meaning of life". :)
                        Generalities, generalities, generalities.
                        Let's be situation specific. Which is the first rule in sales and marketing.

                        Rule # 1. You must define who your customer is.
                        Rule # 2. You must define what your customer needs. What lends value to your customer..

                        You then must provide value to your customer. To the extent you can provide value added to
                        your customer will be to what extent you will be successfull.
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                          akgold Adventurer
                          In addition to all of the great thoughts shared in this post, I have an additional one.

                          I think that a true recipe for success in life and business is to connect with something much greater than ourselves. By giving to charity and by supporting our communities, we help to elevate the world.

                          All of our actions should serve to make the world a better place. If we can do this through selling a product or a service, this is wonderful. But we should never forget in the end that by giving we will receive and by taking care of those who need our help we will be helped.

                          So I think the true recipe for success is caring. When you do something in which you believe and you know it's good, it's easy to work day and night. America is a wonderful country because of all the opportuntiies we have to make our dreams come true.
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                            diamond Newbie
                            Hi, although most replies are good ones, one of the things that is important is the you believe in yourself and never go into a business that you canot do all phases yourself. If your employees know that they are indispensible, you are not really in charge. Do what you are pasionate about and it will not seem like work. Take small steps at first and test the market., you may find that you have to fine tune your original plan untill you find your nitche. At the bigginig there will be "no's", but remember a "Yes" could be the next big client, expecially if you ar unique in your product.
                            Good luck, Diamond
                            Remember ther's no way to happiness... Happiness is the way!
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                              Dwaz39 Wayfarer
                              I truly believe there are two main aspects of success.

                              1. A POSITIVE mental attitude: Things in life never seem to go the way they are planned - there are always obstacles. When these obstacles come up, some of them are very big and daunting to overcome. This is where most people give up and say something like "I cannot do this." Being positive and knowing you are going to be able to over come is the best way to get there. A lot of people will probably tell you it can't be done - they are the ones who will be stuck in the 9-5, rank-and-file jobs.

                              2. BELIEVING in what you are doing: If you are not sold on the product or service you are trying to sell, or don't believe the path you are taking will work or make you successful or happy, it is probably not worth pursuing. This is similar to the first aspect. If you don't believe in (or have a positive attitude) about what youare striving for, you will never achieve it. Don't be a "realist", dream BIG!
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                                biosminer Newbie
                                Its easier to become top dog if you hang around the pound.Geeks hang with geeks and moms hang with moms and my opinion is whatever youve got its going to be more likely accepted by your own kind.
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                                  vicstah Newbie

                                  I think successful entrepreneurs share some similar qualities. Positive attitude, hardworking nature, and not taking your customers (or relationships) for granted. However, I think you have to be passionate about your work and love what you do in order to be truly successful over the long run. Also, do know your limitations and surround yourself with people who can complement your skills. If you do all the things above, you just may have a good chance to not only become but stay successful.

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                                    intechspecial Ranger
                                    Question: "What is the Formula for Success"?

                                    Answer: "The Formula for Success is the Refusal to Fail".