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    Volunteering at our Local Library

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Does anyone have suggestions or know of any policies on underage volunteers?
      *We have a 13-year old who wants to work in our sorting room (in the basement of our library) with other volunteers, and that is fine with
      us as long as parents stick around. (His parents don't want to stick around).*
      This creates an uncomfortable environment for the other volunteers and introduces a possible liability issue. We appreciate the help and do typically have some teens associated with library help a little during the book
      But this is different. We'd rather not commit to a policy if it's not necessary, but we're not sure how to proceed fairly and effectively.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          If another member had asked this question, I'm guessing that your reply would be something like:

          Volunteering at our Local Library

          Talk to a lawyer.


          Which is good start, because you most likely need three things: (1) a consent form that a parent or guardian has signed, (2) a policy statement indicating that the work the minor volunteer will be doing is non-hazardous and not in violation of any child labor laws, and (3) a clear set of employee/volunteer staffing and management practices that ensures the minor is not exposed to other preventable risks (for example, being assigned to work alone with an adult employee or volunteer who is a registered offender).
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            FCPainter Adventurer
            I would see if they were willing to do something from a volunteer perspective that you needed done and yet kept them in public spaces at the library
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              Yakimova Adventurer
              This sounds like a huge liability. What if the kid get injured while working in the library? What if it gets sexually assaulted in the basement? This is a horrible thought. I know. But you better think about all this before something bad happens.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
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