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    Nowadays, Is It Your Blog That Establishes Your Brand?

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      Is Brand an Important Part of My Advertising?


      According to Wikipedia brand is "...all the expectations associated with a product or service. People engage in branding to align expectations, creating the impression certain qualities or characteristics make it special or unique. A brand is therefore one of the most valuable elements in an advertising theme, as it demonstrates what the brand owner is able to offer in the marketplace." Says Google CEO Eric Schmidt, "The internet is fast becoming a cesspool where false information thrives... brands are increasingly important signals that content can be trusted." Schmidt also shared that Google is looking to brand metrics as a means for determining search quality saying, "Brands are how you sort out the cesspool."

      Ultimately, there's a much broader approach with search algorithms when ranking our content. It's much more than just links... and that's good for the small to medium sized business. Translated simply, you must differentiate yourself! You must advertise that you are knowledgable, trustworthy and that you add value on the Internet.


      Will Social Networks Build My Brand?


      Many think a presence in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks is what they need in order to establish brand. Mostly, *they're mistaken*! Unless you develop something that is your own, you won't develop a brand. In fact, when you're in someone else's environment your brand is secondary to theirs. CopyBlogger says, "For me, there's really no appeal in spending a lot of time creating "user-generated" content via a social networking application. That's like remodeling the kitchen in a house you rent."


      Social network environments have large new audiences for your brand. They're a place where you can demonstrate products and services; however, know that you won't be completely differentiated. You won't establish independent positioning for a target marketplace. A good strategy might be to push your branded blog content into those social networks. In many cases, with RSS, it can be automated... eliminating any duplicate effort.

      How Can Blogs Establish My Brand?


      With Business Blogs, your ability to publish at will marketplace- relevant coverage translates to trust. By telling your story and allowing a researching prospect to develop a familiarity, you are supporting that trust. It's one thing a traditional website may not do because, generally, they're static & impersonal. So far as your target marketplace is concerned, some things to think about with your blog include:


      1. Is my blog site easy to navigate?
      2. Is my blog domain unique enough to be memorable?
      3. Does my blog design convey my brand?
      4. Is my brand synonymous with my product or service?
      5. Is my written coverage worthy of trust?
      6. Am I worthy of conversation?
      7. Am I worthy of voluntary direct subscription?
      8. Am I worthy of leads?


      Client Bryan Bomba has established rank for the most sought after target topic phrases in his local marketplace. His search findability not only generates traffic, but his trusting and branded! network of direct subscribers has reached in the thousands. Subscription means he remains on radar screens, regardless of whether or not those prospects ever search again.

      Client and Top Los Angeles Real Estate & Community Blogger, shared that in his 1st 90 days of blogging, "... we actually have 15 new clients, 10 relocations from other states. In each case, they volunteered that they had found us on the web and that they read our Blog. I'm convinced our commitment to sharing lots of good local information via the blog allows for people to find us and develop a comfort level and more importantly to see if we would mesh with their personality type."


      While they're local small to medium sized business people, they still compete with large brands for visibility; however, because they are sharing good marketplace coverage it's likely some will link or recommend them to others and on and on it goes! Not only have they established findability and new business, they've become trusted sources and they have established their brands!


      How Do I Get Started?


      Make the commitment to develop your own blog. Learning curve can be reduced dramatically with ‘better blogging practices education'. Be sure you have in page search engine optimization and that you understand on and off page optimization. Again, the automated propagation of your branded content into social network environments will only support broader brand reach. At a minimum, consistent on-topic coverage is useful to a target marketplace, search engines respond to it when ranking content and you can be assured those targets are researching hundreds of market related search phrases every day!


      In Summary, The Benefits of Branding with My Own Blog Are?


      1. The Most Inexpensive Marketing & Advertising There Is
      2. Unlimited Search Engine Visability
      3. Unlimited Potential for Direct Subscription
      4. Presentation of Personal Differentiation & Unique Value
      5. Establishment of Trustworthiness & Good Will
      7. New Business

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