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    You can do it.

    JFwarehouse Wayfarer
      1. Well my friend a license is under $20.00
      2. Shop around,online
      3. E-bay is good but is you want to open a store you can to.
      4. First get your self notebook
      5. Pencil
      6. Now write down what you need
      7. Now go online and search ,for your products
      8. Write down the prices
      9. Now look at the list and prices and you can start with the your dream.
      10. The only way you can find out is by trying never give up.
      11. Just say ,i am going to do it
      12. I understand ,i was the same way and look at me now
      13. I own a online warehouse,doing good, so if i did it so can you and every-one up their.
      14. God bless and wish you and everyone out their lots of health and luck.