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    is belize a good spot to open a restaurant/bar ?

    st.louis Newbie
      i'm living in ontario, canada and want to move to the carribean. i have a great deal of experience in the construction industry, running my own small business for the past few years and i am sick of it.
      i have experience cooking and catering, and that is the passion i would love to follow. with my carpentry background and passion for food, i believe i can create an amazing atmosphere with quality product. i am looking to lease an existing facility and make it my own. i figure this is the best way to start my "dream job", with little overhead monies needed.
      i am 35 years old and have nothing holding me back from the move. as like everything, there is always risk and hard work and determination needed, but is belize going to be the spot to relocate to? any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
      thanks, chad