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    Looking For An Equity Partner / Investor

    KOProducts Newbie
      I have a great vision for my business but I am missing only one ingredient...? Equity! The right high-quality equity partner makes my vision possible.

      I am seeking a short term Equity Partner / Investor. I have an Investor Ready and Bank ready business plan.

      I have approached a bank in my area to take advantage of the higher SBA guarantees from the Recovery Act but I can guarantee that this is just a sham because it is not any easier to get financing. No matter what the bank still wants 30% equity. They loved my business plan but are too worried about their own behinds to take a chance on a viable business plan.

      I am a single father of 3 boys with no assets, no equity to speak of. Sweat equity and virtual equity do not count to a bank. I rent my home and own my vehicles that are aging and not worth much anymore. I just need someone to take a chance on me.

      My business is solid, my plan is solid, my competitors are a non factor and will continue to be even less the bigger my business grows. The groundwork has been laid out and is ready to go, I just need the financial shot in the arm to grow and put my marketing plan into action.

      I already have an e-commerce site, shopping cart, merchant account, affiliate program, top organic search results in google, competitors that have obsolete websites with no future on the internet as Google changes their aglorithms and these sites are deleted from the search results. My products are 'green' , consumable, and have frequent repeat business.

      I would like to find an individual or a group to start a positive conversation about my needs.