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    Press releases

    smallclimb Newbie
      I'm thinking about issuing a press release for my company. Has anyone done this and had much success from it? I keep getting the pros and cons and can't really weigh whether its worth it.
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          instantv Adventurer

          Press releases can be an excellent form of public relations which
          carries along with it 10 times more the creditability factors as paid
          advertising. I good press release needs to be written not only to
          promote your products and services but additionally to show value to
          others whether it be the general public or a targeted sector.

          One of
          our firms divisions does web design but I don't feel that we would
          consider doing a press release concerning these services unless we were
          to offer FREE design services to 501C3's (non profits) or the like. I
          have looked at your site and in your case I would not say press
          releases will be effective unless again you can make the release very
          appealing to the public or small businesses in a manner which will have a special twist.

          Please remember that your press release has to
          capture the attention of editors within the first few seconds, then cause
          them to want to read more while keeping in mind their readers interest.
          Editors see a very large volume of releases each day and usually have
          only limited space available within any given editions.

          I recently
          spoke with a great firm whom you may want to contact. If anyone can give
          you the twist you are looking for this team can. It would be very
          worthwhile for you to speak with Brett and Jamie Prentice over at Their phone number is 706-974-9080.

          You may also want to take a wee bit of a different direction and rather
          than placing your focus on press releases ask Jamie about writing a
          series of articles concerning your services, these guys will also know
          how and where to get the best placements for you.

          You will also be very happy with the rates they place a major focus on
          small and mid sized businesses with limited budgets. Here is to your
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            Vince Adventurer
            Welcome to SBOC! We had an event guest that talked about cost effective PR strategies & press releases.

            Check out this post:
            Event: Affordable and effective PR strategies