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    Social Network

    Debonair1234 Wayfarer
      I currently am building a social networking site, and was curious about how do I go about charging businesses for advertising. I will of course use google ads, but I also want to bring in revenue from local stores from different cities that would be able to advertise on the site as well. Can anyone help?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Social Network, Welcome

          If I was building a Social Network, I would do two things:

          One: Contact SCORE, SCORE is FREE

          Two: Develop a business plan

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            phanio Pioneer
            Social networks have been struggling with this issue since their inception. Couple of ideas - 1) solicit businesses to sponser categories or topics on your site. 2) Find other social networks - contact them and see what they charge if you were to advertise on their site.

            Best of Luck

            Business Money Today
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              vnavguys Tracker
              I would put an ad on the home page of the site. Offer them a couple of different sized ads for "x" amount of dollars. One thing about this, the answer will reveal itself the minute you run one ad. You will get a lot of people emailing you asking you if you can "do this or do that" and you will eventually find out what the market will bear and who you can attract.

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                KOProducts Newbie
                Not sure why SCORE was suggested. I am pretty positive the counselors that are working there have no clue on how to advertise on social media. It seems all of those counselors are retired enrepreneurs from way back and have no clue how e-commerce works in todays internet world.

                Contact me and I will be able to offer some recommendations for socail networking sites and selling ad space. There is many way to do it.

                Just so you know with Google ads you only get pennies per click, you would be better off with niche related affiliate programs that payout higher commissions on referred sales.

                This is what you should be hosting in place of paid advertising until you build up enough traffic and popularity to attract paid ads.