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    Investors needed

    marley Newbie
      I took over a bar and grill in dec last year turned it around and now i need to take it to the next level.
      The problem is cash flow...yes cash flow. My credit is not good(i have been a student until i took time off to get the business going). Between $ 5000 and $10000 is what i need at this time. I am willing to offer 10% on investors returns. If anyone out there is interested ....i will provide all the details.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Investors needed, Talk to me

          Who are you?? Where are you?? Where should I mail the check??

          How do I contact you??? Email?? Phone??

          Have you developed a Business and marketing Plan??

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            ToddSchollman Newbie
            If you are interested in just receiving a lump sum of money with no stipulations I could probably advance you money based on how much you do in credit card processing. Give me a call at 866 374 9557.
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              phanio Pioneer
              You are correct to assume that credit will limit you given traditional lenders. But, there are also non-bank lenders that could help you get the capital you need even with poor credit.

              There are business cash advance companies that don't pay that much attention to credit - and can get you funds quickly.
              There are micro-loan companies that help business owners that cannot get traditioanl funding.
              There are peer-to-peer lending firms where members borrow and lend to each other - again with less that stellar credit.

              Thus, there are still many options for you and your buiness.

              For more information on these - please visit our website - just search for 'Business Money Today' - the site provides informaiton and resources on these type of capital and other forms of business financing. Just information and resources - no cost to use or website.

              Business Money Today
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