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    Need Help Starting a Renewable Energy Business Right...

    teknoblade Newbie

      Looking for startup investors for a renewable energy business I am in the process of launching. It is my plan to assist local homeowners and businesses to install renewable energy systems (solar, wind, microhydro, etc.) to help establish the first renewable energy infrastructure. With a minimum cost of $25,000-$30,000 per unit, in order to qualify for existing rebates and incentives, it is my hope to install a minimum of 100 units during the first year of operation. With existing interest rates of 4-8% that would require the property owners to pay approximately $200-$250 over a 20 year term. With current incentives approximately 50-60 percent of this initial investment would be refunded via tax rebates and an additional 20% would be offset from the owners property tax over the first 10 yrs.

      Additionally, I am looking for Certified Professional Installers, Manufacturers and Producers to enlarge marketability of new technology.

      Please feel free to email me directly or call..

      Jose M Gonzalez, BSME, LEED AP
      Green Piece
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need Help Starting a Renewable Energy Business, Welcome Jose

          A few questions. How soon do you plan on launching this business??

          Have you developed a Business plan that I can read??

          You say "email you or call" What email?? What phone number??

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              teknoblade Newbie
              I have a nearly complete bussiness plan with projected earnings for the first 5 yrs and have already begun to discuss business with a few local Florida renewable energy manufacturers and installers, as well as a few lenders. Naturally this requires certain revisions to the business plans. I have also begun registration as a Florida business to secure our trade name and begin drafting all the pertinent legal documentation. I then will approach lenders and the SBA for additional venture capital to assist in financing renewable energy system intallations for that calendar year.

     is the best way to reach me but I can also be reach at 305-877-7041.
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                  phanio Pioneer
                  Great busienss idea - given the governments incentive in the latest recovery act. Have you sold any of your products yet? Most investors will want to see some type of track record - even if it is just contracts in hand.

                  You might be able to finance a few early jobs - to get that track record going - then leverage that for additioanl investment. You might also seek out some SBICs in your area that will provide convertable debt that could get you started. You can find information about these at the SBAs website.

                  We also have some resources that could help you.

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