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    account out of Florida

    ezpeds1 Newbie
      My business account in Florida has been compromised with Regions Bank. I'd like to open an account in Atlanta maybe with this bank. Is this possible and can I do this online or I do I have ot go to the bank physically?
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          MikeyD Wayfarer
          I don't think anyone on here would be able to answer that question. It would be best to check with the bank over the phone or in person.
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            MerchantPro Wayfarer
            If your account has been compromised then it's definitely time to close that account and have your bank transfer funds to your new account. As far as out of state banking is concerned you will have to visit a local Branch where you plan to setup the new GA account there they will be able to transfer your funds into your new account.
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              bpfinance Adventurer
              Do you have business operations in Georgia (i.e. are you registered with the State of Georgia)? Most banks won't let you open an account if that bank does not have branches in a state where you are licensed to operate. Sometimes they will make an exception, but this depends on your situation with the bank and why you want to open the account in another state. There is no law stating that banks cannot open an account if you aren't operating in the state, but many of them won't unless you have a previous relationship with them. If you need any more assistance or have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

              Jeremy Barfield

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                Milestone10 Newbie
                Several banks allow you to open accounts online. However, depending on the size of your business, you should consider more than whether or not you should open an account online. You should also consider, as a small business, whether or not there is a bank that would provide you with the personal service, advice, and solutions that you need to truly address the business financial needs you have. That's what we did and we're very happy with our choice.