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    Work Smarter...Bareter!

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      Dear Visionaries, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Executives,

      Greetings to all of you, the business minds and progressive leaders that orchestrated our past and present achievements while continuing to redefine the unlimited future. It is an honor and pleasure to share with you the launch of Smart Bareter, our new online network of like-minded, visionistic entrepreneurs and small business owners who are dedicated to resource pooling. By offering their goods and services for the exchange of similar valued goods and services, the members of Smart Bareter have a unique avenue and advantage to grow and develop their business. The benefits and networking features are endless and separates us from other sites, view the list below:
      1. Free membership.
      2. Receive business advice.
      3. Bartering, exchanging goods and services with others all over the world.
      4. EIN Verification to protect you as a member from scams.
      5. SBN Alert, email notifications from your posts and Smart Bareter activities.
      6. Low and affordable advertising rates.
      7. The Pitch, find business partners, investors, customers, insight and support.
      8. Low advanced membership rates and packages (Savings starting 20% and up)
      9. Recruit interns. 
      10. Apply for jobs/Post job ads.
      11. Find volunteers.
      12. Smart Bareter Store, purchase business & motivational books plus other related products or services.
      As a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive, your inclusion plays a vital role in the long-term impact of Smart Bareter. It is visionaries, innovators, and community leaders like you that make up the fabric of dreams coming true. Our mission is to create opportunities by connecting those who know the importance of networking and thinking outside the box. We would like to open the doors of friendship and affiliation to you as we reach out and go back to the old way of doing business. Join us, the new business community, on this remarkable journey to connect the world, expand visions, and help make the goals of entrepreneurs and small business owners a reality. Thank you for your time.
      Smart Bareter Executive Team,