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    Money for Real Estate &/or Business Lines Of Credit

    CashMan Newbie
      I am looking for a minimum of 100K for purchasing real estate and offering a ROI that will be beneficial for both parties. Your money will be secured by real estate.

      I am also looking for unsecured lines of business credit for my S-Corp which is more than 2 year old. I will offer a credit partner 10% of the credit lines for borrowing their credit. The challenge is that on paper my company is not profitable. My credit is in the low 600's. Not because I can't pay my bills or I am in debt...That is not the case. My debt to income ratio is too high because I have already maxed out my credit with other investment deals that are performing. It's a never ending battle with your credit & what you can show the tax man.

      Any ideas or referrals for $/business lines of credit?