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    When should I start my newsletter?

    WEBillions Adventurer
      Okay, you caught me. I haven't actually started my newsletter for my new social network ( yet. I'm still planning all of the great things I want to put in it.

      I was wondering, is it ever too soon to start an opt-in monthly newsletter? The (website) network will still be a while to launch. Testing now. Does it make sense to go ahead and start the newsletter though? It seems like I could go ahead and get a good client base and potential advertisers for the site if I start now. Or, will people get feed up of my constant reference to this new and exciting social network that will be coming soon? Maybe you are already tired of hearing me talk about it--I don't know. Or, does it just make you even more curious? That's what I'm hoping for.

      In addition to all of the great career and goals advice I plan to put in the newsletters and on the website, I was going to ask for some articles from other business owners/experts which would include their contact info (now why would they do it for nothing if they can get ads out of it). These ads would be along the lines of "How to do ______ (fill in travel, be environmentally friend, throw awesome parties, you get the idea) cheaply" or on a budget. Or, "how to make a career out of your hobby in ______."

      It seems like the sooner I get started, the better. What does the community think? Do you have any special ideas about how to get my newsletter out there so people can subscribe? Since you've read this far, would you like to subscribe and/or submit an article?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          I'm already tired of hearing about it (just joking!!!). I see nothing wrong with launching your newsletter as dscribed. From a similar experience with a print newsletter, I would suggest having about six weeks worth of issues ready to go when you post the first one (if you're publishing weekly, that's six issues). The reason is because SO much other stuff will come up during that time that it may be hard to write and edit a newsletter on top of everything else -- and if you don't keep adding new issues or content, the people you draw in with them initially may stop visiting. Of course, you'll want to put the back issues in an archive that new members/visitors can access and get "caught up."


          Good luck!
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            KALTIFK Newbie

            Please let me know when you are ready to receive material for your newsletter, I will be happy to contribute material relating to my expertise. auto finance. I am sure a lot of people will want to know the best and cheaoest way to purchase a car from the dealerships with out the usual hassle.

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                WEBillions Adventurer
                Thank you. This is a perfect example of the type of article that I am looking for! Articles may be submitted to me anytime by emailing Once we launch, there will be a newsletter archive so that people can view it later. Also, I will post some articles in the advice section of the site. This looks like it would have a good chance to be listed there too.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Start your newsletter A S A P. Have you WRITTEN A BUSINESS AND MARKETING PLAN??
                What subjects are going into this newsletter?? and is going to be FREE??
                Everybody has a story to write and some even have a book.
                Getting a client base is easy, getting advertisers is a little harder.
                And yes I would definately submit articles. Need more info as to subscribing,
                Best of luck, LUCKIEST
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                    WEBillions Adventurer

                    Let's answer some of your questions. The newsletter and social network will be free. There will likely be fees for a premium membership, but I always want the basics available to everyone.

                    The purpose of the network and newsletter is to get people to think about what their life (and perhaps career) goals are and then get them started on how to work towards that. Since people have a variety of dreams (evident by the survey answers on our first survey question which you can see if you answer the question), we will cater mainly to a few. Since I have some experience and there seems to be interest, one will be turning a hobby into an internet business. Family and Learning also seem to be of interest to many. So, these will likely start as my focus and through in a random other topic now and again for those that don't fall into these areas. I think this ties together pretty well under the idea of finding what you want out of life. Does the community think this is too broad?

                    Young adults are my main audience, but many older individials seem to show a lot of interest too.

                    You can subscribe by emailing
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                    Biz Online Adventurer
                    You also need to think about how you can get them to subscribe to your newsletter. There are thousands of newsletter out there, so you need to have a compelling pitch, some type of incentive, and a solution to a problem they may be experiencing.

                    One type of incentive is to give away something for free, like a white paper on your area of expertise.

                    Simply put, be REMARKABLE with your newsletter, don't just follow the heard. It's okay to be controversial and have a different opinion!
                    Good luck,
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                      DomainDiva Ranger
                      It is never to early to start your newsletter. Sign me up!!
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                        BDS INC Adventurer
                        It is never too early, especially if the newsletter is interesting. Be sure the content is truly relevant to your user base.

                        Good luck!