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    Making finances fun?

    caffeinated Scout
      Hi SBOC!

      I came across an article I thought you'd might enjoy. is launching a new tool that makes tracking personal finances fun. I assume this can be attributed to small business finances as well. It works like a game and you're rewarded by achievements.

      "Each time you save more money than you spend, avoid bank fees, or come in under budget, it nets you a certain number of Mint points that go toward your total financial score. The goal is to realize the things you're doing right or wrong, and use that information to attain the most points possible each month and compete with others on the service. While it won't show you specific user data it will give you a general idea of how you stack up."

      Link to the article -

      I'd like to see similiar games, tools and applications on the SBOC. How does everyone else feel about that?

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          phanio Pioneer
          Does sound like fun - I would also like to see more resources that help people better understand finances. Thus, less chance of hurting themselves financially as wlle as less chance of being taken advantage of by others.

          Business Money Today
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