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    Starting a business in the fashion world...need advice.

    Fashion_Diva Newbie
      Hello everyone. I'm just starting out a new business from my home in the fasion industry. I've had advice from friends that this is really my calling, however; I'm terrified and excited at the same time. The only problem is I've received advice from friends who have started businesses for themselves, which is great, but I need advice from well people who don't know me. I'm talking about a business from the ground up that I would like to do from home since I'm a stay-at-home mom. I love the fasion world and would love to be able to advise my (would be) customers about items they purchase for themselves, or someone else or that I would purchase for them. My business is about shopping for customers who don't have the time or patience to go themselves. Also giving advice on fashion to beauty and everything inbetween. I've had so many people (who don't know me) see things I've put together or found that is unique. It seems to be everywhere I go someone is asking my advice on fashion or beauty or something along those lines, so my friends said why not start your own business. The only problem is where to begin? Should I make my business a LLC or not? How would I start a business plan? What about a business license. Should I get a business loan or use my own money? What kind of insurance should I get, should I get any at all from the start? I'd like a website for my business, how would I go about this? How would I find a company that would help me design my website? So many questions and so much to try and figure out. HELP!!