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    I want to hear about your ad nightmares in Cable/TV, Radio, Internet, and Print

    adreka Newbie
      We have built a next generation advertisng platform that allows a business to best reach their B2C clients through any media type that is best for them to include Cable/TV, Radio, Internet, and print.

      In order to build a platform that best services our clients, I would like to hear about some of the short comming you may have had in your past advertisng experiences.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I guess that I have been lucky because I do not have any nightmares in the area's you are talking about,
          BUT I do have a suggestion.
          SCORE is out there to help. You can talk to a SCORE counselor all over the United States and
          you can go on line to SCORE and write to an email Counselor.
          Sorry no nightmares, only good to report about SCORE.
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            MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
            They say some of the most inspiring lessons we learn are those that leave the deepest scars and thicken the skin. We are a small business (my husband and I) who launched our web development business in 2005. We financed the business ourselves and did very well for the first year without embarking on an advertising campaign. Then we got a call from a local radio station sales department who said they were looking to bring some smaller businesses on board to help them advertise their companies and the price was structured toward small businesses from their normal ad rates. Since we were ready to take the next leap of faith with the business, I set up a time to meet with them. They pitched a good campaign and the price was "good". Our mindset was that for the 3-month campaign if we landed two clients as a result, the ad would have paid for itself w/profit. We were also understanding the golden rule of business "you have to put something in in order to get something out".

            That said .. our 3-month ad campaign (the campaign from he**) ran from midnight-6 a.m.; 1 x every hour. As the 90 day marker approached I contacted the sales person and told him I thought we needed to re-work the ad to sound a bit more appealing. We did. We ran the ad for yet another 30 days (extra charge) to see if the tweaking would help generate interest. Nothing. Then they pitched that we try to advertise in a more prime time slot (more money still) and when I expressed my concern that we had already spent "x" amount of money and received nothing - they were more than happy to discount their rate to allow us to get a "taste of what being in a different time slot could do" and they were "sure this would produce the results we wanted". Umm, not quite. We summized that the radio station wasn't able to reach into the areas we were interested in marketing and targeting in AND that the time slot we could afford to advertise in wasn't doing any good either. Lesson learned? Not necessarily

            Along comes Radio Station "B". New sales structure trying to target small businesses in our local area. Station listenership actually reached into (and beyond) the demographic area we wanted to target. (GREAT!) The pricing was somewhat cheaper than the first radio stations campaign price. (GREAT!) They could put us on during the day when the commuters were on their way to wherever. (GREAT!) Three month committment for less money than the first station ... let's try it. BOMB #2 Three month ad campaign, restructure of campaign and another two month campaign and not ONE client out of it. Yeah, Yeah .. I know ... didn't you learn your lesson the first time? What can I say except that my skin is pretty thick now. :)

            What I have learned: Radio advertising is NOT kind to the small business owner. For the money needed to get into listenership that is within your target audience you'd be better off pounding the streets, even at $3.50/gal. I know we won't be doing radio again. We've had better luck with networking and referrals from existing clients.
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              kidredentert Newbie
              I sponsored an Indy race on ESPN radio one time for my entertainment company and It was a total waste. I listened that day to hear our commercial and it only aired twice out of the 4 hour race. I was told that I bought into the MAJOR SPONSOR PACKAGE and we were going to get our commercial aired 3 times an hour. After the event I contacted my sales rep again and questioned him on it and he made some excuse about how they had an error with the ad system during the event. I asked if I could have my ad run again then to make up for the spots I didn't get and they told me that they could not do that because all other sponsor spot cost to much. So pretty much I could wait a year for the next Indy race, no guarantee or buy a new ad package and they would use the credit from the Indy event. What a joke and waste of time. Never again will I do that.

              Kid Red Entertainment
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                Wingman Adventurer
                Hi adreka,

                Well so far the responses so far haven't touched upon print media. Well I've been there-done that. I have a restuarant and we specialize in wings and pizza. We're located in an affluent neighborhood with a high school right across the street. You would think this was the ideal set-up, but it's been a real disappointment.

                We've tried several direct mail services and tracked the coupons that were being redeemed from each service/mailing. Each mailing went to 30,000 households within a 4 mile radius of our location. We even sponsored teams and events at the high school and local community events.

                Nothing has worked and at this point in time, we are not doing any print advertising. We've been approached by a couple of other advertisers with pitches ranging from display ads at gas pumps to dodgeball tournament sponsorship.

                People always complain about getting too much junk mail but then they come i and ask if we have any coupons or specials. You just can't win.....
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  I really don't think it is the advertising medium that is the problem but rather the people advocating the medium. Advertising looks easy, simply put your logo and a great offer out there and people will respond, but it isn't that simple. Or easy to quantify. Companies have spent millions trying to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising, and still no one can agree on a system that works.

                  There are so many companies out here selling advertising solutions that it is hard to figure out who to believe or trust. The nightmare is selling an advertising system that does not work to business owners who cannot afford to spend the money they are spending. Consumers have gotten smarter and less resistant to advertising. The message any business is putting out has to take this into consideration and adapt to the changes.

                  The person that the business owner is trusting to help with advertising their goods or services has to be able to do more than offer a system, they need to be able to consult and guide the business owner through the adverting process. There is a lot more to providing a business with adverting services than simply taking their money to create and place their ad.

                  The real nightmare is the person who is not really interested in helping your business, just getting a check.