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    How Do I Differentiate my Social Network from Others?

    WEBillions Adventurer
      Hi. Let me start by saying that I really love the BOA forum. It's great to get some feedback from others who might have experience in my issues.

      I have a concern about my new social network (with qualities like MySpace or Facebook). My network aims to give people a fun and interactive way to think about what they want to do with their lives and discover how to make it happen. This is a personal goal of mine and I feel very passionate about helping people. Having said that, how do I make sure that my social network doesn't get lost in the crowd? And how do I get people as exciting about thinking about their dreams as I get about helping them? How can I get my business taken seriously? Many just look at it as another social network. I can't show them yet, because we haven't launched yet, but it does truly offer something new and potenitally very exciting.

      By the way, we do have some fun surveys up on the site to get people thinking in the right direction (and gain some information) until we launch. Feel free to check it out if you like. Let me know if you'd like to opt in to our new newsletter.

      Thanks for the help.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I agree with what you wrote and would like to try your surveys on the site,
          BUT there is no link to check out.
          And yes I would like to see your new newsletter. LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            You have to figure out what your target market is. Eons targets those 50+. My targets one over 18 or out of high school.

            Only you can figure out how your site is different. Visit all of these toher social networking sites and start making lists about their sites and comparing them with your site...
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              Hi Webillions, you gotta find out your core business in the website, exactly what do you want to "sell, promote" and then around it you build your social network, something like "The financial freedom Seeker network" , try to highlight that your site tries to help others, that is not a junk social network but one with a real social purpose.
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                BarryHurd Wayfarer
                I would suggest that you do a complete comparison of other social networks in the industry. A lot of new sites can be found at, a blog site that covers many of the Web 2.0 communities.

                Having a list of like-minded sites that touch base with your own target demographic is an easy way to market into existing communities. Locating a few well read communities and participating for a while exposed your thoughts and specific niche to the general audience. I've done this on several sites over the past year ranging from real estate to recruiting.

                Once you have identified your demographic and the nexus they orbit around, the easiest way to differentiate yourself is by offering a viewpoint that is outside of the current community. A law of averages kicks in, for every 100 members you'll find 10 that are looking for something else. These 10 members are eager and looking to move elsewhere.

                A second and more costly way is to look around the web for open-source widgets that can be adapted to your new niche. There is often a lot of pain in the user experience of most communities... and it is often fairly easy to provide a technical solution that becomes a huge selling point.
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