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    Pub. needs bridge $ for print run and new media expansion!

    nhpublisher Newbie
      I need your help (really).

      Thank you for taking a look at this. In 2007 I launched a small press publishing company and magazine that has since been nominated for three major awards, and recommended for others. Last year we signed a 4 year distribution agreement with a magazine distributor and yesterday we received our SECOND order for 1,660 copies of our magazine from Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Folletts, and a few indie booksellers.

      We have an established online, social networking, and presence and are on the threshold of major growth. In the last year I have succeeded in generating over $10,000 in revenue on a part time basis without any distribution in place (only word of mouth). Now armed with a stellar reputation within our market and ongoing orders from major retailers for the next few years all I need is the cash to fund the expanded print run and support the run with appropriate marketing. The bank could not help me because we have an unrelated rental property tanking.

      Digital Distribution

      We are already in the process of formatting i content for electronic distribution through the Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPhone, and other mobile devices. We believe that digital distribution represents a growing segment of the market that could, in fact, complement print media by augmenting traditional content with exclusive electronic material. We intend to have our entire library available in Kindle and mobile formats by early 2010.

      Consider this news story from the New York Times:

      Seeking to strengthen its presence on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Amazon has acquired Lexcycle, the company behind Stanza, a popular free e-book application for the iPhone, according to Lexcycle's blog. Stanza allows users to browse a library of around 100,000 books and periodicals for the iPhone, many of them in the ePub format - a widely accepted standard for e-books that Amazon has yet to support with its proprietary Kindle platform.

      We have a business plan, supporting documents, financial projections, an audience, solid ideas, contacts in the industry, and significant growth potential.

      What we need is $5000 immediately to get the first run of mags through the printer and then to the distributor. We'll need more ($25K) down the road.

      Looking for corporate sponsors willing to support us through high-end advertising packages; or legitimate financing or investors. If you have a relationship with a quality printer that can offer me net 30 terms maybe we can work out some kind of "finder's fee for you."

      Please, with all due respect, no credit rebuilding schemes, pay-to-present rackets, or any other dubious offers.

      I need the cash yesterday. If you can front it and support a small press, then at the very least you will receive better-than market interest payments from me.