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    What do I do next...please help!!

    chinahdoll Wayfarer
      I am starting a cake design business from my home. I just applied for my home occupational permit/business license. Now, my next question is...once the application is approved (which I'm more than sure it will be), legally, what do I do next??? Will that be the moment that I will have to pay taxes? Me having a business license gives me permission to legally do business in the city of Las Vegas...what else does that entail?

      Also, I'm fuzzy on whether or not I need a tax i.d. number....can I buy from wholesalers for cheaper prices because I have a business license now?? I mean I am clueless. Everything is moving at a faster pace than I thought it would and I have no formal business training (yeah I know, how smart, duh!!)

      Anyone out there with any knowledge please give me some advice on what are the next steps, and you could even email me with deeper info if you are willing to share.

      Oh, and I also need some info on any free or low cost ways to bring traffic to my new website. I just need some overall advertising advice.