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    Need Investor + Partner for my business in Maldives

    Hassaan Newbie

      I'm Maldivian, looking for forign partnership for my business. I'm working on my family business, wich is under my management. I have formed a company mid of last year (before it was run in the form of sole trade) to carry on my family business wich is safari boat operating company inside maldives. As most us know, that Maldives is the best holiday destination in the world. So the best profitable business in Maldives is in tourism sector. We have already invested USD 350000 for one of our safari boat. (Check, Anual profit would be not less than USD 250000. If we set up travel agency it would become much higher. This is the fast growing business type in the Maldives at the moment, which investors were investing and looking for...., and we would also ready to accept any offer...

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      Private contacts;

      Thank You,
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          Bluesuit Adventurer

          Can you tell us how tourism has been doing in the Maldives since the natural devastation a few years back? Has tourism bounced back yet? I heard that the atolls were all impacted - has there been recovery?
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              Hassaan Newbie

              Due to tsunami, few resorts had losses but withing half year the losses were recovered and on market. All of them were insured. And most of the resorts had losses for there interior equipments due to water so wouldn't take much time to bring those equipments.
              Some local islands recovery programme still going on... There were 4 or 5 islands, not exceeded. At the moment i'm also in local island wich had many losses but all recovered, and noticed as an electricity needs some improvements of some wires. Near this island there was a resort named Meeru island resort, all recovered and fully booked for whole year, there were two safari boats in the resort in need of over bookings.

              And the good news is due to ending of 35 year old dictatorship government, there were a wide opening programmes for forign investments, already the former president and some of his cabinet members travelled to EU countries to give the available investment informations and heard that withing this year there would be investments take place in different sectors.

              This would be a great time to Maldives for investing in tourism sector and spending life in a paradise.

              Thank you