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    Website On the way, Want to become a buisness, Need help!

    iamsincere Newbie
      hello there!

      Im a web designer, and i want to start a buisness with my site, offering services to other companies on the site. For example, advertising, services involving music promotion, and promoting nonprofit organizations. Well the last one is because me and my team like to support those who help others.

      I was thinking about starting an llc, since there is only 4 of us starting out. i "hired" 2 people lol if i can say that. I put together a buisness plan that i had looked over by a professor, and an ex business owner/now pharmacist, and a couple of proposals to offer to the other companies, but im not sure that they would take me serious if i wasnt "official". by that i meann corp, or limited liability.

      Also, some people get lucky with private investors. I on the other hand have no idea how to get started. I've been told many things, which sound good. But i would like for other input before i make a go.

      Things like, funding, or grants and loans to the llc, and how to find private investors, even if you come from a place, where there are plenty of dreams and plans, but noone to give you that little nudge to get there...

      Thanks a bunch!