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    Sales training... is it worth it?

    advertizer Newbie
      I am looking into improving my selling skills. I visit a training facility called the Sandler Institute. At first I felt they had good things to offer and I was very enthusiastic. I know that good things have a price but this time it was problably too high. Most of my knowledge comes from self training courses and it has really help. You sales profesionals out there, Is it worth it?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          The main advantage of live training (if it's GOOD training) is the opportunity to practice the skills you're learning, and to receive expert feedback.

          To offer a parallel, my latest book can only tell managers how to handle a variety of performance problems. Granted, that knowledge is way better than nothing, and easily affordable. Yet in a live workshop, the manager will be able to "role play" about 15 scenarios with "employees" who behave exactly like real employees -- ranging from agreeable and cooperative to obnoxious and hostile. Having been in management roles for 35+ years, I can spot where things go off track in these discussions, then stop the process and coach the manager on what happened and how to deal with it -- then we go again. By the end of the day, managers in the workshop have gained about ten years worth of experience dealing with performance problems. They know how to handle difficult situations, and perhaps more important, they know they know how to handle them (so they leave with confidence).

          Good sales training provides the same thing -- an opportunity to practice the skills of selling in real life situations and to receive expert coaching and feedback from someone who has successfully done what you're striving to learn -- so you can gain the equivalent of years worth of experience in a short time, and then go out and sell with confidence.

          You've heard the saying, "Those who can, do -- those who can't, teach." When you want someone who actually could be doing something very profitably to be teaching you instead, it costs money -- so yes, good training can be relatively expensive. If it provides you with those skill practice opportunities and expert guidance, however, it can be well worth it.

          Best wishes.
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            probus01 Wayfarer
            Yes it is worth it but you need to be careful of the companies/individual you choose. If you want to look at a coach I can refer one to you just let know.