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    Looking for advice

    s.w.r.s. Newbie
      Started business in Feb 2006. Business is going faster than I ever thought it would. I should not be complaining, however I am worried that we are going to not be able to keep up with the growth because we are in such a small confined area (which was great 3 years ago). What I am saying is that the business is out growing our 2 shop bays and the parts we sell needs another 2000 square feet or more. I am currently renting the shop bays for $1700 a month and I own the modular office that carries the parts and the offices. I want to purchase a place however I don't fell that I will be able to and know we don't have the money to. How do you explain to a bank officer that your business is growing faster than you are? I guess I need to mention also that this is a female owned business that is in a man's world, however the only place that seems to cause a issue is at the bank. I don't want to give up our credit card sells each month. I have had plenty of those offers. I am really looking for and asking for feedback from other people bacause one part of me tells me to go for it while the economy is in the shape it is and one part of me tells me to wait!!