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    Anyone have ideas for a name for my online gift shop....

    Jessica717 Newbie
      My husband and I are struggling trying to come up with a name. We are starting a catalog mail order, and internet site but have yet to come up with a name for our business. We are going to sell homewares, seasonal gifts, some electronics, some toys and other misc. things. Any help would be appreciated.
      We are looking for something that doesn't have the word gift because it seems kind of generic.
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          2simplifi Newbie


          When deciding on a name for your business, you ultimately need to think ahead and at the big picture in terms of its future as website. I would suggest going to a domain registrar such as >> mouseover "Product & Services" >> select "Domain Registration" . In the input box you can try variations of a business name you might be thinking of. The results will tell you if your potential domain name is available and it will also give you additional possibilities. If you find a domain or domains that you like, register them with your preferred domain registrar.

          Even if you do not find something that you like, you could still register and park the domains to target future marketing campaigns to get your business noticed. You can then point those domains to the final domain that you eventually choose and they will resolve to your actual domain of your company website.

          As a final note, if you are going to be marketing gifts, you should most definitely include that in your company name, especially if you do decide to develop a website. Your company name will act as key words for SEO placement and search results.

          Good Luck,
          Jason Luciano / CEO
          2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            I am a SCORE Counselor in the New York area and this is one of the biggest problems with people who are
            going into business. Like you and your husband, people come to see with great ideas and business
            plans and do not have a name for their business.
            When people come into our conference room, the first thing we do is hand them our business card with both
            SCORE name and our name on it.
            Visiting SCORE at "" They have a Virtual Learning Center with 26 FREE on line courses including
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              misterweirdo Newbie

              Here is an idea.

              Always Present : Gifts for All Seasons

              Let me know if I can be of any further service.

              Be Different! Be Yourself!

              Rasheed Hooda aka Mister Weirdo
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                I concur with the first post on the word "gift." Since you called it a gift shop in the question, described it as a gift shop, and people searching for gifts will likely use that term as well, then including it in the name would increase the probability of them finding you on-line.

                Obviously, something unique needs to come before or after that word in your business name -- as you noted, "gifts" is very generic. If you were serving a specific demographic market, or if had a specific type of product, you'd choose a name that reflected that. But since your market and product line appear to be fairly broad, you'd probably want to capture your competitive strategy in the name. What I mean is that literally hundreds of home-based retail businesses are already buying the same mix of items from the same wholesalers as you would -- so what would distinguish you from all of them? What would cause customers to seek out your company or website and buy from you? That's your competitive strategy, and if you can capture it in a word or phrase, you might have a possible name.

                For example, "Overnight Gifts" specializes in serving the last minute shopper, and built their business by getting gifts there overnight. "THE Perfect Gift" (not to be confused with "Perfect Gift", which sells VISA gift cards) provides a shopping service, and built their business with website features that help the customer choose the right gift for the person and occasion. "Cheap Gifts" offers - well, cheap gifts - for the giver who really doesn't care that much, I guess. Anyway, you get the idea.

                Hope this helps. Best of luck with your new enterprise!
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                  WEBillions Adventurer
                  Choosing your business name is very important. It
                  something you might want to spend days, maybe even a couple weeks,
                  considering. You'll want a domain name that is as close to your
                  business name as possible, in order to help your customers recognize
                  and remember your company better. That means, once you've thought of an
                  awesome name, you have to make sure no one has taken it yet. You'll
                  also want to make sure no one has taken anything similar or a common
                  misspelling of your name, which would cause confusion.


                  far as names go, size matters. The best names are short, descriptive
                  and easy to remember, spell and pronounce. That being said, a lot of
                  great domain names have been taken already. It's unlikely for you the
                  one word descriptor of what you are selling available as a domain name.
                  You might have better luck with two, but three is probably your best
                  bet. For example, instead of, you are more likely to find a
                  free name if you combine words, like MickysFineShoes or
                  HighEndFootwear. Consider the keywords that you expect would bring your
                  customers to your site. These might be good words to consider having in
                  your name.


                  I must say that I didn't take all of this fine advice while considering the name for
                  and it was a mistake. It's not very clear what our product is. It's not
                  obvious how to pronounce it, WE Billions or WEB Billions (it's the
                  later in case you wondered). It's also not the easiest thing in the
                  world to spell, not to mention the possibility that someone forgets
                  that it's plural. Again, the purpose of this blog is for you to learn
                  from my mistakes and find out what works. Feel free to leave comments
                  to this blog with your business name idea. I'll let you know what I



                  Once you've found a name that you like and is available on the net, license the domain name at
                  or a similar service. Also buy variations on your name. You'll
                  definitely want, but also consider .net, .us, and .org. If
                  money allows, you may also want to consider buying any common
                  misspellings of your domain name. You'll understand the reason for this
                  if you've ever mistyped or another popular site. You will
                  find a confusing site, typically populated with a bunch of ads. This
                  behavior is known as typo-squatting and it can make someone other than
                  you a lot of money. It can also confuse and frustrate your potential
                  consumer base. You don't want them to get lost before they even get to
                  your site because they can't spell. If you are going to be that picky
                  about your customers, you will lose a lot of business.


                  how long should you get your domain name license? The longer, the
                  better. If you can get a good deal, get a ten year lease. This will
                  save you money in the long run, because you'll be charged more to keep
                  up a popular name later. People know you've put a lot of effort into
                  publicizing that name and don't want to change.
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                    misterweirdo Newbie

           is available for taking.
           is available for about $1,200.

                    Mister Weirdo
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                      FruitionCC Newbie
                      When I was trying to come up with a name for my biz, I sat down and made a list of simple words and phrases of products and services I would offer, along with what the business meant to me and all the words I associated with it and what I wanted to get out of running it. After reading all the things I wrote, I came up with a name that exceeded what I expected I could come up with on my own! Perhaps this will work with you and your husband. Maybe you could each write out a list and then compare them to see if you have any common ideas. Best of luck!
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                        diamond Newbie
                        Hi Jessica how about "Gifts to Go" or Gifts Gaylor" I think the first word should be GIFTS.
                        "Gifts Ectetera", "Gifts & More", "Gifts for you" 'Gifts & Sutch" .

                        Remember.. There is no way to happiness... Happiness is the way!
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                          doc1355 Newbie
                          this was an excellent step that you took for starting your business. You definitly need a very good name for your business. If you dont have experience I finding good domain names then you sure need help from an expert. I have been working with a group of small business people for couple years and they know what they are doing. You can find them at They will recommend you the best name for yor site. They can do much more including designing your store.
                          However, what ever desicion you make, make sure to have the best name for your business. You can change anything inyiur business but changing names will cost you a lot
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                            Ranger6r Wayfarer
                            Hello Jessica. Use diligence and do not be too quick to discount using the word gift in your name. We have used several Search Engine Optimization sources and have always been told that any keyword is much more successfull if the keyword is included in the URL.

                            I also think Always Present is very creative. But if possible try to use the word gift in at least your business tag line.

                            I know one company that actually named their company "Global Financial Strategy". Try typing that error free into your search browser or include it as your company email address. Sheesh. What idiots.

                            (Yup, it was us)
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                              silvercell18 Wayfarer
                              It's been a year, just out of curiosity....what's the name that you came up with for you online gift shop?