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    Once we get to 50k, we stop taking investors.

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      JASTB Trucking is a Florida only, general freight hauling company using flatbed and drybox trailers. JASTB Trucking will employ up to 28 people to include: President / Chief Financial Officer Vice President of Operations Vice President of Marketing Internal Auditor Operations manager Safety Coordinator Vehicle Compliance Manager Quality control bookkeeper Receptionist Office Manager Supervisor Purchasing manager Shipping Manager Receiving Manager Driver Training Instructor JASTB Trucking services mission is to excell in on time delivery and excell in safety and public service. The formation and professional operation of JASTB Trucking will finance another of our founders projects that assist troubled teens throughout the year, by introducing them to S.C.U.B.A. Diving through our Below Sea Level Diving program. We will provide valuable team and social experiences for the increasing population of public, private, and home-schooled youth. Below Sea Level Diving offers young people the opportunity to participate in a variety of opportunities throughout the calendar year. Beginning in 5th grade these experiences provide a source of recreation and simultaneously improve skills, health and fitness as they offer experiences in teamwork, cooperation and leadership. Increased self confidence is just one of the many intangible benefits this program offers. We will certify students in Open Water Scuba Diving, CPR and First Aide. Students will be shown the many different job opportunities awaiting them when they finish High School and continue on into college. From Sheriffs Department search and rescue to the Coastguard, from United States Fish and Wildlife Commission to the Environmental Protection Agency. Students will also be introduced to other job opportunities such as Oceanography; Mammal Rescues conducted by Sea World and will experience the chance to participate in an injured or beached Mammal rescue. Our hopes are to inspire youth to continue on with their dreams and inspirations in whatever field they choose. We will have discussions on family and life values. Values that most don't even realize exist.