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    The Harley Davidson Lesson - Every Business Should Know!

    iyazam Adventurer

      Harley Davidson is a motorcycle company that was established back in
      1903. We can all learn a very important lesson from this company.


      see, Harley Davidson is not just a Motorcycle company. Its almost like
      a whole new religion or some might even call it a "colt". What did the
      management at Harley Davidson do to create such a culture? How did they
      turn their customers into a loyal followers?


      Harley-Davidson's President and CEO, Richard Teerlink
      said the following: "The adventurous pioneer spirit, the wild west,
      having your 'own horse', and going where you want to go - the
      motorcycle takes on some attributes of the iron horse. It suggests
      personal freedom and independence...", Harley Davidson connected with
      the emotional side of their customers. Their symbols are the American
      flag, the eagle and focusing on the 'American freedom'. They take the
      concept of the cowboys and the wild west from the past and apply it to
      the present..something which many Americans find this experience as if
      they are living in some other fantasy world.


      When you buy
      a Harley Davidson - You are not only buying a motorcycle, but into a
      whole new social club. You get to wear the shirts and hats and have a
      unique way of dressing. They have festivals and in many areas - Harley
      Davidson owners belong to a club where they meet up and drive together
      around town once a week.

      This is an incredible lesson
      every company should learn how to create loyal customers. Obviously not
      every one can do it like Harley Davidson with the Motorcycle life - but to figure out how to get your customers to love you.

      All the best
      Hillel Porath
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