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    Valuable Tips In Marketing From Business Guru Stuart Tan

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      Valuable Tips In Marketing From Stuart Tan


      #1 - Always pick a targeted, narrower market.


      #2 - Focus on how you can dominate your niche.


      #3 - A brand does not cost you millions to build, but you must give your customer something to believe in.


      #4 - You must have a long term vision for your marketing efforts.


      #5 - Never compete on price.


      #6 - Being a loss leader requires long-term staying power.


      #7 - If your customers don't like your message, they maynot like you.


      #8 - Marketing results are emotion-driven, not logic-driven


      #9 - Just because you are short on time does not mean you can't get results. Marketing results are always time-bound.


      #10 - Marketing support is more important than marketing itself. Don't under estimate the power of marketing support.


      #11 - Niche positioning is part of branding.


      #12 - The unique selling point (USP) is something that supports brand position.


      #13 - Your promotional message must cover multiple media.


      #14 - A marketer is like MacGyver: you use everything in your power to achieve an outcome.


      #15 - Always ask the market, and you will be profitable.


      Good luck!


      Hillel Porath




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