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    Are you Ready to Expand Your Business?

    dreamgiver12 Newbie
      Please Attend This Special Entrepreneurial Business Reception with Stewart
      Hughes, Chairman & CEO of Unicity International.

      There are more people considering their career options today than any
      time in recent history. Many of these people are choosing to start
      their own business with the Bios Life Franchise, because of its
      unlimited upside potential and lack of downside risk, combined with
      its short learning curve and opportunity to start making money

      What"s more, we are also at a period in time when more people are
      overweight than any other period in history. Not only are more adults
      overweight than any time in history, but there are more children
      overweight. Bios Life Slim is providing remarkable results and
      people's lives are being forever changed.

      You"re Invited...
      Please join Stewart Hughes for a special entrepreneurial evening
      business reception as he talks about Why Unicity, Why Now, Why You!

      Location for event:

      The Rusty Pelican
      2425 N. Rocky Point Dr.
      Tampa, Florida 33607
      (813) 286-3666
      Evening Business Reception
      7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
      Guests are invited for free

      Warm Regards,

      Christine Suarez-Fugere
      Franchise ID: 105374101
      Fugere & Associates