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    Are there any legitimate home based businesses

    reachforit Wayfarer
      Any referrals for legitimate home based businesses for single parents?
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          vjoyhme56 Newbie
          There are several and many offer good compensation plans. I urge you to thoroughly review the compensation plans. You should also consider if required to stock inventory, not a good idea, you could get stuck with products. Find a company that offers products that you love and are proud to share with others, it is not about selling but building relationships. If you are interested visit
          I hope you find something you enjoy!
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            automatik Newbie
            There seem to be a ton of home business opportunities but you really need to narrow down your goals/needs before trying to figure out whats right for you.

            I feel like when people look at an idea on a new home business they think about things in a skewed manner...they think about products they would like to sell, or vacations they would like to promote, etc. instead of thinking about what will make them the most money. If you were going to take a day job, even with salary, you would essentially look at the pay to time ($/hour or $$/year) when trying to figure out if the business would allow you to reach your goals. When looking at your the legitimacy of a home business, you still need to pay attention to this equation.

            Look at this theoretical situation as an example...Sure the new super juice from 'x-company' will allow you to sell at a 100% mark-up. But at $20 a container you're only going to be making $10/sale. So if you needed $3,000/mo to live on, you'd need to sell 300 containers (not including your advertising costs, etc).

            People get too excited about certain opportunities before really evaluating the BUSINESS side of things.

            Although many home based businesses can be automated, it seems silly to me that people think they can just set something up and walk away. It doesn't work like that in any brick and morter business, why would it work like that here? Although the internet creates millions more potential customers for your business, it also brings you into competition with millions more vendors...and unfortunately, a lot of these vendors understand more about the internet business climate than the average person trying to start their own home based business.

            A lack of understanding can cripple you from the start and thats why one big piece of advice I would offer you is to try to become a part of a successful team. Even if you have to pay a little bit of money to join them, these mentors can be the difference between success and failure and between making a PROFIT and just making some sales.

            To give a quick example...I recently joined a team which was a small branch of an internet sales company. I joined on a Thursday, had my promotional material in place by Friday, and make my first ($500) sale on Sunday. Without the team's research and advice, I would still be trying to get my email autoresponders to work right.

            You can email me at if you have any specific questions or want more details on anything.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              legitimate home based businesses,

              YES, Who are you??
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                deepoet Adventurer
                If you like healthy living and want to help promote healthy living let me know, this great one of the businesses I am doing part time is here to stay. No matter what, everyone needs to be healthy at some point if you want to live longer and stronger at any age.

                Follow this link and find out more:
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                  CreditN2Cash Wayfarer

                  You can become a Affiliate with

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