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    High quality small business accounting education? (Videos)

    sonic_ Newbie

      If you've learnt accounting by studying video based material on the Internet or you teach accounting through the net then I would really like to hear about your experiences and get your opinion on what has worked and what hasn't.

      Sadly, there is a lot of well meaning, but poor quality and confusing small business education on the net.

      For example in many cases the "teacher" makes a huge assumption that the student is familiar with accounting terms such as "ledger" or needs to understand Debit's and Credits. In other case's the education is patronising and oversimplified.

      I have looked around A LOT of sites to see if I can find affordable or free content taught and created by really talented teachers So far I've drawn a blank as I am specifically looking for video based material thats engaging and thorough.

      If you have a reall good contact or can think you can help then please get in touch.



      PS: I am also looking for small business management education as well